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Working Hard for The Maximum Financial Compensation You Deserve After a
Motorcycle Accident

By the very nature of motorcycling, drivers and riders on motorcycles are completely vulnerable to the elements — one being negligent motorists who refuse to share the road.

If you were struck by a negligently operated car or truck while aboard your motorcycle in Southern California, and if you are still struggling with health and financial setbacks connected with a motor vehicle crash, our law firm is dedicated to achieving justice for you.

At the Law Offices of Barry Pasternack in Ramona and San Diego, our founding attorney is fierce and compassionate with the representation of motorcyclist rights. For 30 years, he has successfully defended the interests of people like you — with a detailed investigation, fact-based negotiations with insurance companies, and aggressive litigation in court when necessary.

No Fee Unless We Win

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The Serious Nature of Motorcycle Accidents

These collisions are so one-sided that, typically, injuries to the motorcyclist range from traumatic brain injury (TBI) to spinal cord damage, broken bones, paralysis, and permanent scarring and disfigurement. Medical treatments for these sudden, painful interruptions to people's lives are not cheap. Barry Pasternack goes after every penny you are due for recovery of health care expenses, lost wages, and the cost of replacing a destroyed motorcycle. He brings the same client commitment to families of motorcyclists whose injuries proved fatal, and who became cases of wrongful death.

Fighting for Injured Motorcycle Riders

Any motorist who doesn't see you will have to see us - the Law Offices of Barry Pasternack. To speak with a skilled personal injury lawyer who can take charge of your case immediately, contact us today. If your fragile medical condition prevents you from coming to us for a free consultation, we can come to you.

Our contingency fee policy means that you owe no legal fees unless Mr. Pasternack wins your case.