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Fierce and Compassionate Personal Injury Attorneys Representing Injured Bicyclists

A person on a bicycle has absolutely no defense against a negligently operated motor vehicle. Accidents caused by motorists in crosswalks and bike lanes injure, maim and kill cyclists every day in the U.S.

At the Law Offices of Barry Pasternack in Ramona and San Diego, our skillful personal injury attorney and exceptional support staff are powerless to change those bike accident statistics. What we can accomplish, however, and do accomplish every day, is seeking justice for bicycle riders who are seriously injured in car and truck accidents, and families whose relatives have lost their lives in those very same accidents.

This commitment to protecting your rights began 30 years ago when Barry Pasternack started his law practice. It is just as strong today as Mr. Pasternack's record of positive results attests.

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The Serious Nature of Bicycle Accidents

Bicycle riders' physical exposure to danger in traffic often translates to serious injuries such as coma, paralysis, broken bones, amputation, traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), scarring and disfigurement, and spinal cord injuries. These conditions are life-changing and sometimes permanent. Barry Pasternack figures every detail, every penny (into the losses you sustain, plus pain and suffering) when attempting to talk sense to insurance companies representing careless drivers who cause accidents.

The Pasternack Approach to Safeguarding Your Interests

As your lawyer, Barry Pasternack applies his vast knowledge of California injury law to know how your accident happened, and the sacrifices you have been forced to endure. Among his major goals are securing the health care you need, recovering losses for lost income and a replaced bicycle, and pinpointing the negligent party so that negotiations and litigation, if needed, can proceed.

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